personal information...
notes on style...
personal flower ideas...
Be sure to save images from magazines, websites, books, etc. and bring them with this document to your floral appointment.
the numbers...

It is best to have an ideas of these numbers and figures prior to meeting for our consultation. Knowing this information will help us to accurately determine a proposal estimate. While providing flowers for all the listed items is not required, these are the types of flowers typically purchased for a wedding.
personal flowers only
1000 - 3000
3000 - 5000
5000 - 8000
8000 - 12000
12000 and up

A total dollar figure is ideal, although your proposal will be broken down into individual components in the event costs will be shared among more than one person. If a final number is not available, an approximate estimate will suffice to allow us to determine how to allocate your budget, what flowers to suggest.

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