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  • March31st

    So, I’ve driven my husband totally bonkers in the process, but my website overhaul is finally done! I really know how fortunate I am that my husband is my ‘in house web designer’ because with the hours of unending revisions regarding font choices, photo layout and the infamous indecision about shades of red versus purple, he would have fired me if I was a real client!

    My goal coming into 2008 was to book 6 events of my own. As of today I’m up to 9 events. It’s amazing to me that I’ve spent absolutely no money on advertising and that all the work I’ve been fortunate enough to do has been from word of mouth referrals. What a compliment! I can’t believe how far I’ve come in my quest to ‘do something I love’ in just one short year. My life is filled with more joy and blessings than I could’ve imagined just 12 months ago.

    Thanks to all of you who have been such an important piece of inspiration, support and belief that I could really have all these things I once only thought of as ‘pipe dreams’ become my reality.

  • March31st

    Have you ever seen anything more fantastic than all that color?! I always like to use a high quality ribbon for the stem treatment on the bouquets that I make for weddings. After being unsatisfied with the color/quality of the ribbon from three different vendors, I finally bit the bullet and registered to purchase the Midori Ribbon line. It is a little bit of a more expensive option, but as soon as I received my sample sets, I was instantly sold on their products. The double face satin ribbon (below) is so soft I’ve literally had to put it out of reach just to keep my hands off it. And I am so excited about the dupioni silk ribbons (above). The color is so saturated and the texture is such a nice compliment to a mixed flower bouquet. They also have dupioni silk bags (below and in over 13 different color combinations)that I think would be a very chic option for a flower girl to carry, or as a gift bag for bridesmaids, for a bottle of wine or champagne as a hostess gift for a bridal shower, etc.

  • March16th

    I thought a green bouquet seemed quite fitting for the upcoming holiday. This bouquet features white hydrangea, Green Tea roses, bouvardia, Midori green anthuriums and kale blossoms with a collar of variegated aspidistra leaves. While maybe a bit eclectic for most bride’s taste on their wedding day, I do really love the depth of the different textural elements.

  • March12th

    Some people take in stray animals, others gently restore antiques. I have a soft spot for unloved flowers. I can’t help but walk through the flower department every time I’m at the grocery store. I can always count on finding the old standbys – daisies, carnations, mixed bouquets that never look right in a vase and over priced roses. Tonight though, they had my very favorite flower, the ranunculus. These darling little flowers are like a tiny peony – they have round buds that unfold into a mass of petals. They are actually a member of the buttercup family and I read somewhere that their name means “little frogs.”
    So, I couldn’t resist taking a peek at them. Poor things were wilted, drooping and half of them were covered in mold. But their little heads just peeked up at me like sad puppy dog eyes. So Reagan, my 3 year old, and I “rescued” a few bundles of red, pink and orange ranunculus along with some really pitiful purple anemonies, yellow tulips and left over roses. Reagan helped me “feed” them and then she put them in a vase to “let them rest.” We gave the vase a little bit of chartreuse ribbon, because how can you not feel the tiniest bit prettier when you’re dressed in double faced satin! My husband said it looked like a hodge-podge. Reagan felt very proud. And I do believe I heard the faintest sigh and a thank you from my “little frogs.”