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  • December9th

    This is the bouquet that I made to go along with a gift certificate I donated to the Silent Auction for Life Success Seminars in West Chester, OH. LSS is a fantastic organization and we are extremely fortunate to have this resource in our area. I was really glad to be able to offer something to “give back”, having gotten so much from my involvement with their workshops. ( http://www.lifesuccessseminars.com/ )

    For this bouquet I wanted to develop more of a vintage/antique look and specifically chose flowers with a yellow tone to give it an “old” feeling. This bouquet is made up of Camel and Cool Water Equadorian roses, White and Pink Majolika spray roses, Blackberry Privet, Copper Beech and a collar of Lemon Leaf. The stems were wrapped in a gun-metal grey taffeta ribbon with pewter pearl pin accents.